Hieronta Basic

There's nothing more motivating than an enthusiastic client.

Planetoidi created a visual identity that reflects Hieronta Basic's mission very well. They helped me with copywriting and were able to boil down my thoughts to their essence. Website is the lifeline of my business and it's working! Planetoidi was also very supportive and couraging towards a new entrepreneur. I received professional service and can easily recommend Planetoidi.

Juha Komulainen
Logo features Juha's arm holding the client.

Juha from Hieronta Basic is the embodiment of motivation. He constantly comes up with ideas that we're happy to do for him. It was truely a pleasure to design a visual identity and website to such a committed client. Juha's work has paid off — his calendar is pretty much fully booked. We like to think we had something to do with that as well.

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